L.U:N.A 1-ON-1

Being artful with style, is maybe how to describe our first woman the best, in our new PHEATURES series. L.U:N.A is a new talented shooting star on the norwegian music sky. Her honest and raw expression can fascinate whoever that’s listening to her music. Recently being named to perform before headliner, Post Malone, at Bergen Calling, we had to have a chat with this unique artist.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style varies a lot actually. I’ve always liked to experiment with clothes and styles. I’m not afraid to try new things and I think it’s an important part of staying inspired and creative. My go to style is hip hop, baggy, unisex type of style. Lately i’ve also been playing a lot with both unisex and a more «ladylike» style.

Tell us about L.U:N.A’s style of music.
My style of music I feel is kind of all over the place but Leo and I are really finding our sound and we try everyday to expand it and to explore it. I’ve always said that I don’t want to be put in a box, we want to be free to make whatever we want. At the same time it is important for us, as I said to find our sound. I don’t really have an answer… hehe

What inspires your work?
Honestly, everything! What i’ve learned through the years is that a key to inspiration is to «open your eyes to the world». For me everything from nature, streets, people, movies, different genres of music (jazz, pop, trap, ect.) can be used as an inspiration. I’m also very lucky to be working with my brother Leo who also takes inspiration from everything, he even dreams about ideas.

If you were not based in Bergen, where else would you live?
I think of that question a lot.. There’s a huge part of me that misses France. I feel like when I don’t go there for a long period of time, it forms a gap and a need for me to go back there and get in touch with my roots and culture again, so i try to do that as often as i can. Another place that I think about a lot is Amsterdam. That city has a special place in my heart.

How has the pandemic changed you?
I honestly think that I’ve changed a lot since the beginning of the pandemic. I’m a very introverted person and I actually needed that time alone to re-find myself and my passion for art. I dared to deal with my demons that I’ve pushed away for a long time and I feel like I came out the other side much stronger.

Any future plans you want to mention?
I have so many ideas that sometimes it becomes too much for my brain. I have a notepad and tons of moodboards on my phone where I write them all down. My dream life is to be involved in creations in the fashion industry, music of course, the craziest concerts and then one day i want to also be a part of the film industry. I’m going to do my part to make sure all that happens:)

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