About us

PHARMA was created with the vision of offering something fresh, different and modern, in terms of retail concept, brand selection, curation, mixture and design. Because of the Internet and emerge of what we would like to call the generation of the wanderlust youth, the world is becoming smaller and we get inspirations from every part of the world. PHARMA aims to bring a unique retail experience with a strong visual identity to the beautiful city of Bergen, Norway.

Inspired by some of the best independent and influential stores in Europe, we would like to offer a curated selection of volume trend based sneakers, alongside more exclusive and limited edition footwear from the world’s most premier brands. A small and thought-out collection of accessories like bags, caps, socks, books, magazines etc. will also be an essential part of our assortment. Sneakers and streetwear are dominant in today’s fashion scene. We are convinced that we will be able to connect with our customers both via our brick and mortar store in Bergen and also via an inspiring online shop. Through a strong digital presence on social media etc. we will communicate our way of storytelling with our audience.

In September 2017 PHARMA opens a concept store in Strandgaten, a cool and urban pedestrian zone in the heart of Bergen, Norway.

In August 2020 PHARMA opens a new flagship store in Olav Kyrres Gate, in the middle of the city centre.

Photos: Lasse Fløde